How Brightly do You Shine? Reimagine Yourself

This has been one helluva year, hasn’t it? Ups, downs, lockdowns, mental and physical stress, isolation, screen fatigue, the list could keep going. Thankfully, vaccines are rolling out and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. No it’s not going very quickly or smoothly like we’d hoped, but it IS going, and will keepContinue reading “How Brightly do You Shine? Reimagine Yourself”

What the Heck is an Aromatherapy Consultation, and Why Would I Want One?

How often do you get someone’s undivided attention to explain your health and wellness/home/spiritual/lifestyle/eco-friendly goals to, and when you’re done talking, you get specific information back about a product or products that can help you achieve your goals?

March is Tea Tree Month

At least it is in my shop – 25% of all products with Tea Tree essential oil in it. That includes hand sanitizer, raw honey facial cleanser, green cleaning products, linen spray, and more! Tea tree oil is a powerhouse when it comes to clean. Tea tree (aka Melaleuca, native to Australia) is antibacterial, antifungalContinue reading “March is Tea Tree Month”

Do you know your Rose?

It’s February and in honor of Valentine’s day, ROSES are featured this month. All across the country florists and retailers are gearing up to sell, prep and deliver a LOT of roses on February 14th. Over 224 million roses, over 2 billion dollars in revenue. Wow! But have roses, and rose products, always been soContinue reading “Do you know your Rose?”

New Year, New You

I thought I’d try out a new look with a new theme – and boy am I surprised! Apparently WordPress retired the template I was using so there’s no going back. LOL You know what? That’s okay. It’ll all work out. The OTHER new thing I’m excited to tell you about are my monthly features.Continue reading “New Year, New You”