How, or Why, did you start blogging?

Obviously, blogs have been around for quite awhile now.  In fact, some days it seems like everyone has their own blog, including my uncle, my pastor, and my youngest daughter’s newly married best friend.  I would venture a guess that there’s probably a blog somewhere about most any topic that you can think of, these days.

Given the plethora of blogs, why would I start a blog?  Should I bother?  What could I possibly have to say that hasn’t already been said?  And if I want to blog, which topics should I write about and where should I start?

To be honest, I haven’t yet answered my questions.  I only know that I feel called to help people, and that at least in some way this involves writing.  Another way I want to help people is to create essential oil blends and herbs and natural products that will help them to feel better; to lift them up physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

If I had known back when I first started college at 23, that I would finish my Bachelor’s degree AND a Masters’ degree, I believe that I would have become a counselor.  That would have been my first choice.  However, I wasn’t even sure that I could finish a Bachelor’s degree, so I knew I needed to choose a career where I could find employment with a Bachelor’s degree, and so I selected Education.  Education, being a teacher, is a wonderful, honorable career path, and also a helping profession.  I couldn’t imagine myself teaching elementary kids though, so I chose Secondary Education, with certifications in French and Psychology, because those were my two favorite subjects.  Nearly seven years later, I completed my Bachelor’s degree, passed my Praxis exams, and received my teaching certifications.  During those seven years, I also remarried, continued to work, gave birth to two children, separated from my (then) husband for six months, and battled a bout of Bell’s Palsy.  There were many times I didn’t think I would be able to finish.  I remember one time, when I felt like giving up, I went through and counted up all of my college credits, plotted out what I had completed and what remained, and realized I was a little more than halfway through my program.  That helped me to pull it together to give it a go for another semester.  I remember a senior graduate of Idaho State University (where I attended) being interviewed about why she went back to school to get her degree so late in life.  I don’t even remember now what her age was when she graduated but it was in her 70s.  She told the person interviewing her that she was going to be that age no matter what, so what difference did it make when she got her degree?  She wanted it, and she got it.  She fulfilled a life-long dream.  That helped to inspire me as well, to continue plugging along, sometimes one course at a time, because regardless of how old I was when I graduated I was going to be that old someday no matter what.  So I may as well get to that age with a degree in my hand.  Okay, that and I didn’t want to feel like a failure – to myself or to my family and friends.  That was also a motivator.  So, right around my 31st birthday, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with certifications in French and Psychology.

I have to admit, it felt pretty damn good!

Holy cow!! I just wrote a whole bunch of stuff about me, more than I meant to in fact, and I still haven’t gotten to my question I wanted to ask of you. For those of you who blog, what prompted you to start writing, and how did you decide where to begin and what to write about?

If you’ve thought about writing/blogging but haven’t yet, or are just beginning (like I am), what holds you back or is prompting you to start?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve had this website almost a year now, but I’ve only managed a few postings.  A lot of time has been spent trying to set up the website and figure out the tools, getting discouraged at times and leaving it alone for awhile, then starting back up again here and there.

What makes you write?  What makes you read others’ writings?

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