Essential Oils for Chronic Pain? You bet!

Here’s a great article discussing some of the essential oils that can be used in your routine to help get relief from chronic pain.

Amazing Essential Oils for Chronic Pain Relief

I use many of the oils mentioned in my Aches Away formula.

Have you tried using essential oils to help treat chronic pain issues?  If so, which have been the most helpful for you?


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2 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Chronic Pain? You bet!

  1. Here to push a request for a post explaining oils for chronic GI pain (IBS, IBD, etc). I think internal pains and herbal/alternative remedies are especially confusing because you can ingest some (peppermint capsules?) but not others (tea tree?), and sometimes you can use CBD internally depending on where you get it? Would love to read more on this one!

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